We make viral ads for startups

Our ads have collectively driven over $50M in sales (so far)

A.k.a., we make ads that really work.

I Love Poop

I Love Poop

How to have mess free period sex

How to have mess free period sex

This is Tim

This is Tim

Turn your passions into a career on YouTube

Turn your passions into a career on YouTube

The skincare industry is lying to you

The skincare industry is lying to you

Naked in public

Naked in public

We only make money if you make money.

Our business model has both of our best interests in mind:

Our team only makes money if the marketing we create for you actually works.

Most agencies create:

Boring explainer content.

They charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a generic, boring, explainer video that doesn’t convert.

We create entertaining, shareable ads that don’t even feel like ads.

Our background is unique: over the past 5 years, we’ve learned how to generate over one billion organic views in over half a dozen YouTube channels.

Because of this experience, we are uniquely qualified to create content that truly connects with people.

We found the secret sauce:

The infotainment method


Benefits to using infotainment:

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    Your ad doesn’t even feel like an ad
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    Converts cold traffic
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    People feel compelled to share with their friends
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    It can go viral…despite the fact that it’s selling something

We make ads that people truly love:

When was the last time you saw comments like ours on an ad?

“OMG this ad is brilliant. First time I’ve watched a whole ad in like…forever.”


“I have never had a commercial speak to me on such a spiritual level.”


“This ad made me buy this product.”


“LOVE THIS. First ad I’ve ever seen that had me MAD CLICKING everywhere to find out more about the product.”


“Same as others have said - first youtube ad I’ve ever not skipped.”


“I legit searched this ad just to watch it again!!! Awesome ad! Everything is so true and she is so funny!!!”


“This is the best commercial for any product on any medium, ever. mic drop.”


Who are we?

We’re a team of creatives based out of Los Angeles, CA, that have over 1 billion organic views and 4M subscribers on YouTube. For the last ten years, we’ve made a living creating viral YouTube channels.

Four years ago, we created a thriving online school (with over 20,000 paying students) that teaches people how to become viral. Now, we’re focusing all of our energy into what we do best: creating magical, entertaining, informative content that goes viral online — not just for ourselves, but for products that we believe in.

If you think we’re a match made in heaven, click that big button below and get in contact with us. It’ll be the best decision your business has ever made.